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The Clinique de l'Alma provides treatment for end-stage renal failure by extrarenal purification. This involves haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis techniques.

The care provided is based on a culture of patient choice, continuity and co-ordination of care, with patients receiving all the information they need before and during treatment.

This information will be supplemented by your nephrologist, who, after a full clinical examination and a review of your medical records, will tell you which medical indications are best suited to your state of health.

The clinic places patients on a health pathway that provides them with a full range of treatment options, while respecting their personal life and environment to ensure they receive the best possible care and contribute to a better quality of life.

The clinic has two treatment sites. One specialises in haemodialysis, the treatment of patients with complex and associated pathologies, or those requiring care at the clinic. The other focuses on medicalised dialysis, known as self-dialysis.

To improve the quality of care and treatment, the haemodialysis centre, renovated in 2009 and located within the clinic, offers state-of-the-art techniques such as on-line haemodiafiltration.

It has 20 treatment stations, including 5 individual cubicles.

Haemodialysis centre

5th floor of the Clinique de l'Alma,
166 rue de l'université, Paris 7.
Dialysis secretariat telephone number:
Email: sec.dialyse.alma@almaviva-sante.com


Self-dialysis is intended for patients who are the most independent and whose state of health is the most stable. Patients are cared for at home or in retirement homes (EHPAD), essentially by peritoneal dialysis. This is a medical form of dialysis.

The Clinique de l'Alma's self-dialysis centre, medicalised dialysis unit and home treatment training unit are located at 17, rue de la Comète - Paris 7 (close to the clinic).

The self-dialysis centre and the UDM have 14 places, including 4 isolated posts.

Self-dialysis centre and MDU

17 rue de la Comète, Paris 7.
Department telephone number:
Email: sec.dialyse.alma@almaviva-sante.com


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5ème étage de la clinique de l’Alma,
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